Are You a Self-Serve DSP?

Updated 11 months ago by Ibrahim Celebi

ReklamStore DSP is an easy to use self-service DSP. You will have login details and have a hands-on experience with creating and launching your campaigns. Without the need for an account manager, you can create & fund your account, create your campaigns, add your creatives to your campaigns, and activate - deactivate your campaigns. This gives you the ability to create, manage, monitor and optimize your own campaigns.

Why is self-service better than full-service?

There may be some advantages of full-service (managed services) but self-service is a better way to manage your campaigns.

  • It gives you full flexibility and transparency versus full-service DSPs.
  • You have the full control over your campaigns.
  • Working with an account manager means having to work with someone’s schedule.
  • It's more cost-effective compared to full-service as you need to pay a fixed amount to managed services most of the time.
  • Nobody knows your company and audience better than you. You could potentially end up spending a lot of your time teaching that account manager. 

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