Audience Targeting

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"Guess Who?" is a board game played by two people. Each player chooses a character among the options and don’t tell who she/he is. To win the game, you have to figure out your opponent's selected character by asking yes or no questions. Questions like "Is she wearing eyeglasses?", "Is he bald?" or "Is she brunette?"

Finding a potential customer online is like playing Guess Who. There are millions of possibilities around but you need to find that customer precisely with your limited resources by asking yourself who has a need for your products or services. Answers to your questions constitute your target audience.

Audiences are the groups of people which share the common interests, behavior, demographics, and intents. Shopping enthusiasts, college students, newly married couples, travellers can be counted as different audiences and depending on your offerings, one or more of these segments might include your next clients.

Advertisers use the data to define different target audiences and deliver relevant messages to these target audiences. The more detailed information you include while targeting an audience results as a more effective ad campaign, avoiding wasting budgets on irrelevant impressions and better ROI.

To increase the chance of hitting the bullseye while targeting potential customers, advertisers use data driven targeting options. Audience targeting is one of the options to filter down who will see your digital ads. And to provide their users with the ability to launch data-driven ad campaigns, demand side platforms (DSP) integrate data management platforms (DMP). DMP allows marketers to segment the audiences or lets you use the predefined audience segments. As an outcome, you can target your audience easily while creating campaigns on a DSP. These audiences and lookalike audiences created by proprierty algorithms make it possible to reach people based on their interests and habits, who they are, or their buying intentions. So, DMP gathers and sorts the data, while the DSP is used to acquire the inventory.

ReklamStore DSP is fully integrated with ReklamStore DMP so you can get benefited with super sharp audience targeting options. You can use 1st or 3rd party data while targeting your audience with ReklamStore DSP. To get more information, please contact your account manager.

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