Direct Link (Smart Link) Ads

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Direct Link (Smart Link) Ads

ReklamStore SSP provides the best ad formats to monetize your website and earn higher eCPM than other platforms. Starting from July 2019, 3 new advertising formats, Direct Link (Smart Link), Pop-Up, and Pop-Under are added to our monetization solutions. We added these formats to our portfolio to provide a better service to our partners.

Direct Link (Smart Link) is a link containing various offers in it. In other saying, a “Smart Link” is a URL where you can send all your traffic and the network filters the different traffic segments to the related offers. So smart links are smart and figure your traffic type before sending it to corresponding offers.

Publishers can take benefit of direct link advertisements and double their revenue in a couple of minutes. It is one of the most flexible traffic monetization solutions. They are suitable for any kinds of websites. Easily monetize your traffic by our direct link format with no hassle. Our direct links support all geos and all devices.

It’s really important to place the direct link on the most clickable spot to get the maximum amount of impressions & revenue accordingly. For example, if your page has video content, you can implement the link on the play button or place a fake player, with a static or animated image, that is linked to our direct ads. If there is a call to action, you can place the link to the button (play now, download, get your reward) to get the maximum engagement.

The direct link is a specific format dedicated to advertisers looking for a high volume of cheap traffic to boost a website's traffic. As you can see, the smart link is a ‘smart’ option to generate $$$ right away. Direct publishers or traffic arbitrageurs can get the benefit of this ad format.

How to Publish Direct Link (Smart Link) Ads?

The system is working as same as other advertising formats, with one single difference. You don't need to have a website to use our Direct Link format.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Create your advertising placement(s) on Placements tab (you can click Pop Ads / Direct Link button from the menu)
  3. Implement the placement code(s) to your traffic monetization source (your website, social media accounts or any source you would like to use)

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