Offer Restrictions

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Offer Restrictions

As an affiliate, you must be paying attention to Offer Restrictions before sending traffic to any approved offers you have. You are welcomed to send any type of traffic to the offers as long as advertisers are letting you do so.

Please ensure that you have read and understood the Offer Restrictions before running an offer. In case you need clarification, you can always speak to your account manager regarding offer restrictions before promoting the offer.
Failure to comply with Offer Restrictions may lead to your commissions being canceled and affiliate account banned.

How to Check the Offer Restrictions?

  1. Login to your ReklamStore Affiliate account.
  2. Click Offers from the menu.
  3. Click the first item under Offers menu, Approved Campaigns.
  4. Select a campaign and restrictions are written inside.

Restriction Types:

Traffic Restrictions:

How traffic restrictions & cookie lifespan restrictions look on ReklamStore Affiliate (previously ReklamAction) panel.

In this type of restriction, an affiliate is able to send certain types of traffic to the offers. You can check what types of traffic you can use to convert a specified offer under the offer page.

You can check the related article to learn more about traffic types.

KPI Restrictions:

They are the goals an affiliate must be accomplished while running an offer. There are two types of KPI restrictions.

  • Hard KPI: No matter what, affiliate must reach a predetermined goal. Otherwise, the campaign will be paused and s/he will be penalized.
  • Soft KPI: If a publisher could not be able to reach the KPI, the campaign will be stopped and s/he will be warned.
If you are not able to reach your KPI goals, contact your account manager to get help. You can discuss and find a middle way.

Restrictions based on the lifespan of cookies.

  • Post click: A post click conversion occurs when a user clicks on a display ad, then proceeds to convert on site in a given time.
  • Post view: Users have seen an ad and gone on making the desired action, without clicking on the ad itself.

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