Uploading & Editing Creatives

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Uploading & Editing Creatives

Uploading creatives is a very simple process. ReklamStore DSP supports video, rich media, and third party ad tags. 

Uploading creatives

1) Go to creatives menu

To start uploading a creative, go to Creatives and then, click Create.

2) Choose your format

ReklamStore DSP supports Display, Video, Native, and Pop campaign types. According to your campaign type, choose one of the options.

3) Fill the fields

There are different info fields on each type of campaigns. Fill the necessary fields.

It's possible to use third party images on display and video campaigns.

4) Click Save

It's done! Uploading a creative on ReklamStore DSP is that simple. Once you create your creative, you can always check it on Creatives page. 

You can check the ImpressionClicks, CTR%, Media Cost ($) data of your creatives via Creatives page. 

Editing a Creative

To edit a creative, go to Creatives page and click Edit button. Once you create your creative, you can always edit all of the fields except Type and Format.

Associated Campaigns

From the Creatives page, you can check the associated campaigns of your creatives via Associated Campaigns button.

Preview Creative

If you would like to preview your creatives, the only thing you need to do is, clicking Preview Creative button from the Creatives page.

Deactivating / Activating Creatives

In order to change the status of your creatives, click Deactivate / Activate button from Creatives page.

Creative Guidelines

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