Publisher Rules & Guidelines

Updated by TARIK KARA

Publisher Rules & Guidelines

Site Approvals

We do not approve any site with adult, gambling, warez or any illegal content.

We don't accept any site without any content, and we look for publishers who update their content frequently. 

Sites made only for ad revenue purposes are not accepted.

ReklamStore reveiews each site application both manually and automatically and decided to approve or reject. After the approval, ReklamStore continues to scan the site and may stop sending ads anytime.

Sites with incentives for users to click ads are not accepted.

ReklamStore pays only for human traffic, and controls bot/non-human traffic all the time. If the non-human traffic is in a serious level, we stop sending ads immediatelly.

ReklamStore has right to reject any application.


ReklamStore does not limit any number of placements to be used on a single page, but we require the site content to be well visible.

It's forbidden to put a layer on top of any placement, or add text to incent people to click on ads.

ReklamStore has rights to deactivate any placement, if it generates suspicious traffic/clicks.

You can only use a placement on the site/domain which it was created for. For each site you'll run ads, you'll have to apply with your site and create placements for each site.


If you are not sure about your usage, please ask us for our approval.

ReklamStore has rights to make changes on these rules with 7 days notice.

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