How to Optimize the Campaigns?

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How to Optimize the Campaigns?

Have you ever asked any of these questions to yourself? Why my campaigns are not generating many impressions? Why does my campaign performance fluctuate every day? Why my campaigns are not delivering? Why my ads are converting so good? Well, at least we have a quick answer to your last question. Because you are using ReklamStore DSP! Wondering about the reasons for the other ones? Check below!

The worst decision you can ever take is, setting up your campaign and leaving it as it is. You need to keep an eye on how the campaign is performing and optimize for better results. Optimization is an ongoing process and the changes you will make help you save money by reducing wasted and ineffective impressions. Don't forget, the first rule of optimization is, testing! Always be patient while optimizing your campaigns and don’t expect a quick result.

Here are our optimization suggestions to get the most out of your advertising budget:

Select more SSPs

Consider increasing the number of traffic sources. Selecting only a couple SSPs leads to fewer impressions. No impressions, no clicks, no conversions. 

Remove inefficient SSPs

If you realized that your ads are receiving many impressions and clicks and they are not converting, the reason can be your audience is not on that specific traffic source. Check your campaign reports constantly by breaking it down to SSPs and eliminate the low performing ones. Removing an SSP could yield to an increase in campaign’s performance, but consider doing it to campaigns that have been running for a while or at least got 10k impressions.

Raise your bids

Because of the open-auction model, the other advertisers are also able to bid for the same placement. Often, higher bids are necessary to win the auction so your ads will get more impression. Bidding plays a big role to win the most valuable impressions. The higher the bid, the more impressions you can win. 

Optimize your creatives

If you are not getting any impressions, one reason can be, your creative associated with the campaign did not pass our banner audit process. Therefore, check your creatives and if you detect something wrong, update your banner or video.

What if your campaigns are taking much attention and just a few clicks? Then reviewing the performance of your creatives will help you to determine which ones are pulling out more engagements. It's better to deactivate the low performing ones.

Sensitive categories

Sometimes, advertisers are selecting a sensitive category by accident while creating a campaign. If your campaigns are not related to any of these sensitive categories, selecting one of them will decrease the traffic you'll receive dramatically.

Over targeting

How much targeting is too much targeting? When you don't get enough impression, that moment you may start to think that, maybe your target audience is very narrow. It is more difficult to generate volumes if you are targeting too much. 

Not enough targeting

You need to find a way to find the balance between over and not enough targeting. It may seem impossible, but actually, it's not. 

Use whitelist & blacklist

Let the data speak for itself. Identify top performing domains and placements. Then you can create a whitelist of top performers or use a blacklist to exclude poor performers.

Frequency cap & frequency cap per source

With frequency cap & frequency cap per source, you can limit the number of times your ads appear to the same user, placement, domain, IP etc. The number of impressions you will allow a user to have per hour, day, week, or month will be limited. It’s a very useful tool for CPM media buyers. Because that you limit the time you show your ad to a user, you can reach more people with the same budget. Also, if a user sees your ad couple times and doesn’t click on it, what are the chances that user will click that ad the next time? With this feature, you don't need to pay for these impressions.

Still need help for optimizing your campaigns? Our platform account managers are ready to help you any moment. Just click help desk button right bottom of the page and shoot your question!

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