Server Postback Tracking

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Server postback tracking, also known as “postback tracking” is the method of tracking conversions that uses the advertiser’s server rather than the user’s browser. This type of tracking happens on the back-end of systems so it cannot be tampered by users. For this reason, it is being considered as one of the most trusted methods for tracking.

How does the process work?

  • User sees and clicks on the offer.
  • ReklamStore server records the click, then generates and records unique ID for that session.
  • User directs to the offer’s landing page, including the ID for that session in the offer URL.
  • After a conversion occurs, the advertiser has to inform ReklamStore about it.
  • Then ReklamStore records the conversion for that session.

ReklamStore server postback URLs are unique to each account and are supplied in both a secure (HTTPS) and nonsecure (HTTP) format.

Implementation of server postback tracking code:

For server postbacks with transaction ID, this means passing the transaction ID value to the advertiser through a parameter in the default offer URL.

When tracking via server postbacks, advertisers are responsible for returning conversion data to the ReklamStore Affiliate team.
  • Your account manager will provide you a default offer URL with transaction ID.
  • The advertiser needs to have some way of keeping track of the transaction ID.
  • When click happens, the advertiser stores session information using one of a few mechanisms.
  • If a user completes a conversion, the advertiser needs to tell us about the conversion. It's called firing a postback.


Using Google Tag Manager?

ReklamStore Affiliate is listed on GTM gallery for advertisers who want to set postback tracking through GTM in a very easy format. Click here to read instructions on how to setup ReklamStore Affiliate post-back tracking with GTM .

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