Tracking the Revenue of a Campaign

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Tracking the Revenue of a Campaign

By setting up a Postback URL or a Conversion Pixel to your campaigns, you can track the success of your campaigns by reporting back an action that the user has completed on your website after arriving through your advertisements. It allows you to see how many times an action has been completed and also reports the dollar amount of that action for revenue reporting.

Tracking Conversion Amount via Postback URL:

Below is a sample Postback URL. Copy it then open your tracking platform then paste it to the related field in your tracking platform.[CLICK_ID]&price=XXX

You need to update [CLICK_ID] and XXX fields with your tracking tool's click ID and payout or conversion value tokens/macros.  Since conversion value might be different for different campaigns, you would need a dynamic parameter in Postback URL. If you type the related token/macro after "price=",  you can view Conversion Amount (your earning from conversions) and Conversion ROI.

Once your Postback URL has been set up correctly, and your value variable has been inserted into your tracking platform, you can begin to track conversions and their Dollar amounts under advanced metrics in Reports page. These will help you to understand from which traffic sources, domains, sites, or placements your investment convert well. So you can optimize your campaigns to earn more.

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Tracking Conversion Amount via Conversion Pixel:

You can track your conversion amount (revenue of a campaign) via Conversion Pixel. All you need to do is creating a conversion pixel, adding your pixel to your campaign, and placing it on your conversion page.

While creating your pixel, you'll see the Conversion Value field. Depending on the amount you fill that field, once your campaign converts, your conversion amount updates itself accordingly.

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