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reklamstore affiliate performance report

Performance Report is one of the four reports ReklamStore Affiliate panel has. You can check your campaign performances under this report.

How performance report looks on ReklamStore Affiliate (previously ReklamAction) panel.

Under performance reports, there are four different fields.

  • Options to decide the dimensions, metrics, filters, and date of your reports.
  • A report chart
  • Report summary
  • Detailed report

Report Options:

You can see data of your selected Date Range, use Report Options to decide which data to see on your report. Report Filters is to narrow down your results. There is an option to Save Report to use later. And last of all, you can Download your report.

You can update your Detailed Report and Downloaded Report fields by adjusting Report Options.

Report Chart:

With your Report Chart, you can visualize your campaign performance data. You can see data of your decided offers, see impression, click, conversion, or payout data, breakdown the data daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Also, you have the chance to visualize data with a line chart, pie chart, or bar chart.

Report Summary

With Report Summary, you can summarize the total performance of the selected offers under selected conditions (date, filters etc). We summarize impression, click thru rate, click, conversion rate, conversions, payout, and earnings per click data.

Detailed Report

At the bottom of the Performance Reports page, you can monitor all the data of your offers. You can monitor your results to take necessary actions.

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