Available Macros

Updated 2 weeks ago by Kemal Onur Döven

Returns a unique click ID
[RANDOM_NUMBER]Returns a random numeric string
[UNENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT]Returns unencoded click-redirect URL
[ENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT]Returns encoded click-redirect URL
[USER_ID]Returns unique ID of the visitor
[IFA]Returns device IFA
[USERAGENT]Returns browser name
[IP]Returns user’s IP
[LAT]Returns latitude
[LON]Returns longitude
[SITE_ID]Returns unique website ID
[PUBLISHER_ID]Returns Publisher ID
[SSP_ID]Returns unique SSP ID
[HTTP_REFERRER]Returns HTTP referrer of the visitor
[PAGE_URL]Returns page URL
[DOMAIN]Returns domain name
[PROTOCOL]Returns protocol (http, https etc.)
[PLACEMENT_ID]Returns placement ID
[COUNTRY_CODE]Returns country code
[COUNTRY]Returns country name
[REGION]Returns region name
[CITY]Returns city name
[PLACE]Returns place name
[APP_NAME]returns App name
[APP_BUNDLE]Returns platform specific application identifier
[ORGANIZATION_NAME]Returns organization name
[CAMPAIGN_NAME]Returns campaign name
[CREATIVE_NAME]Returns creative name
[CAMPAIGN_ID]returns a unique campaign ID in our system
[CREATIVE_ID]returns a unique creative ID in our system
[WIDTH]returns a banner width
[HEIGHT]returns a banner height
[VIDEO_DURATION]returns a video duration

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