Why my Application Has Been Rejected?

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why my affiliate application has been rejected

We partner with many networks and publishers but approving their applications after a screening process. In case your application has been rejected, there might be several reasons lying behind it. Our approach to every single application is unique but in general, the reasons below are the general reasons for an application to be rejected.

Incorrect and/or Insufficient Information

During the application process, we ask affiliates to fill our ReklamStore Affiliate application form. An affiliate must fill out these fields on our signup form.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Skype / IM
  • Traffic Sources
  • Offers Interested In

Even though an affiliate doesn't have to fill the remaining fields, we strongly recommend them to fill these fields as well.

  • Company
  • Country

Filling out every field on our signup form gives us more insights about an affiliate, therefore it affects our evaluation process.

In case you wrote the wrong number, email, Skype or other instant message platform IDs, and especially if you didn't state your traffic sources correctly, your application might be rejected.

Low Volume Traffic

Because of limited traffic, your application might be rejected. Our account managers will contact you during your application process and ask you several questions to assess your traffic sources. In case you are not generating enough volume to convert performance marketing campaigns, your application might be rejected.

Also, applications with personal social media accounts as the only traffic source include in this category.

Fraudulent Traffic

If there is one thing we are extremely sensitive is keeping fraud away from our traffic. Keeping our traffic quality high is our mission here at ReklamStore Affiliate. The moment we suspect there is a fraudulent activity is going on, we reject and suspend a publisher.

Affiliate reputation is important as well. In case an affiliate is involved with a fraudulent activity that we heard from other parties, it's enough for us to reject & suspend.

Duplicate and/or Multiple Application

An affiliate application might be rejected due to duplicate applications. We reject all multiple applications coming from an affiliate other than the first one.

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