BeMob Integration

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BeMob Integration

You can track your campaigns on BeMob with this easy setup.

Step 1 - Creating New Traffic Source

When creating a new traffic source for ReklamStore DSP, you need to use the following postback URL:{externalId}&price={payout}

You should use BeMob tokens {externalId} for ‘key’ and {payout} for ‘price’ in the postback URL.

Note: It is required to toggle ‘Approved’ option for sending the postback from the tracker to ReklamStore.

Click here to view the complete ReklamStore DSP macro list.

Step 2 - Creating a Campaign

To create a campaign select Campaigns and press New. In campaign settings it is required to select ReklamStore as traffic source and complete all the obligatory fields.

Note: Tracking cost automatically is not available with ReklamStore. 

Select CPV or Do not track cost models.

For ReklamStore DSP users, there is a special discount in BeMob. Use sdvsvs promo code to get $50 discount while signing up. 

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