How to Create a Campaign?

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How to Create a Campaign?

Creating a new campaign on ReklamStore DSP is really quick and easy! All you need to do before creating a campaign is, signing up and verifying your email address. To start creating a new campaign, go to Campaigns and then, click Create.

Basic Options

Name: Name of your campaign

Flight Date: Enables you to select the start & end dates. You can leave Run Indefinitely button selected to run your campaign until you decide to deactivate.

Status: You can save your campaign by selecting its status Active. If you do so, your campaign starts to run within the flight dates as soon as you save it. You can also select the status as Passive and activate it later.

Campaign Type: You can run Display, Video, Native, and Pop campaigns on ReklamStore DSP. You need to select campaign type accordingly.

Inventory Type: Your ads can be published on websites, in mobile applications or on both according to your preference.

CPM bid: It is the number which you are willing to pay for 1.000 impressions. CPM bid can be minimum $0.1 and maximum $30 on ReklamStore DSP.

Daily Budget / Total Budget: You need to enter your daily and total budget. Your campaign will stop running when it reaches to its daily budget or total budget. Minimum daily budget is $25 and minimum total budget is $25 on ReklamStore DSP.

Creatives: If you uploaded your creatives before creating a campaign, you can select them in this part. Or you can go to Add Creative page by clicking on the plus button and add a new creative. 

Categories: There are 8 sensitive categories (alcohol, cigars, dating, gambling, politics, religion, adult and illegal content) and one non-sensitive category on ReklamStore DSP. Most supply sources do not accept these sensitive categories. 

It is mandatory to declare sensitive categories if your ad campaign is related to one of these categories. Please note that your traffic volume will be significantly decreased.

Advanced Options

Budget Pacing: Select budget pacing as Even if only your bid and daily budget is too high. Otherwise, your campaign will get minimal traffic.

Frequency Cap: It restricts the number of times an ad is shown to a specific user in an hour, day, week or month.

Frequency Cap per Source: It enables you to restrict the number of times an ad is shown on a specific source.

Timezone: Option to change the timezone.

Attribution Tracking: To track your conversions and the value of your conversions, you need to click on Conversion Tracking under Attribution Tracking. If you already created a conversion pixel, you need to select it from the list. If you have not created a conversion pixel yet, click on the plus sign next to Select Pixel and go to the pixel creation pageBesides conversion pixel, you can also track your conversions and their value via Postback URL.

Targeting Options

SSPs: You can make your selection among the available SSPs.

Domain/Placement Targeting: You have the option to place your ads only on the webpages or specific placements within a webpage you choose with Domain/Placement Targeting feature.

Domain/Placement Bidding:  You have the option to bid differently for each webpage or specific placements within a webpage you choose with Domain/Placement Bidding feature.

Device Types: You can target specific devices including Computer, Mobile, Tablet, and Other.

Browser Targeting: You are able to deliver your ads only to specific web browsers with Browser Targeting feature.

Opeating System Targeting: With OS Targeting feature, you can deliver your ads only to specific operating systems.

Segment Pixels: You can create audience segments and promote your products more efficiently. Segment pixel is also used for Retargeting Campaigns.

Connection Type: On ReklamStore DSP you can use Connection Type Targeting to target or exclude specific connection types.

ISP / Carrier Targeting: ISP / Carrier Targeting allows you to target your prospects and users based on their mobile carriers.

Geo Targeting: You can include or exclude GEOs on country and state level. Show specific offers based on user location or to tailor your messaging to increase conversions by GEO Targeting

Daypart: If you would like to run your campaigns on specific hours of specific days, Daypart Targeting is a perfect fit for you. 

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