How to Setup Conversion Tracking

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Conversion tracking is when a brand monitors the actions consumers take toward the completion of a business goal. These actions can include signing up for a newsletter, downloading an app, completion of a sale  or adding an item to a cart. 

There are two kind of tracking methods available in ReklamStore Affiliate and you need to choose one of them:

Pixel tracking and server postback tracking are both attribution methods in ReklamStore. Pixel-based tracking depends on browser cookies to store a ReklamStore session identifier and track conversions. In server postback tracking, ReklamStore and the advertiser communicate the session identifier via server-to-server requests.

ReklamStore Affiliate has a template listed on Google Tag Manager for easy postback setup of GTM users. Click here to check out implementation steps on GTM.

You need to choose one of these two tracking methods and let your account manager know while your offer is being setup on the ReklamStore Affiliate platform. .

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