Fraudlogix Ad Fraud Protection Services

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Fraudlogix Ad Fraud Protection Services

Every day, there are many advancements in the digital advertising technology. But still, ad fraud is a big issue for digital marketers and publishers. With the right strategy and tools, advertisers can protect their ad campaigns from fraudsters and make sure their data is accurate.

Fraudlogix is one of the industry trusted third party solution to prevent ad fraud and protect your brand. With many years of experience in ad fraud sector, Fraudlogix is capable of detecting what is real and what is not. Their machine learning technology monitors the anormalities in the traffic patterns and identifies spams immediately. Thanks to their advanced filters, Fraudlogix is blocking the traffic from bots right away.

Fraudlogix monitors billions of clicks each month and specializes not only detecting click bots but more importantly detecting click fraud generated by human clickers. They use advanced user behavior analysis to catch fraud that standard solutions can't detect. Modern fraudsters use a number of strategies such as bouncing from one IP to the next and even hijacking other people's computers to bypass the old-school detection methods and make it look like they're coming from a different device and location each time. Thankfully, Fraudlogix is able to detect those methods by analyzing the behavioral traces that fraudsters leave behind as they jump through hoops to anonymize themselves. Fraudlogix help advertisers spot all the fake clicks in real time not just the automated ones.

How to take advantage of Fraudlogix's fraud protection services?

We integrated Fraudlogix's fraud prevention solutions to our platform and you can start using them right away, without the need of changing an option. While creating a campaign, if you leave Brand Protection tab as it is or even if you would like to customize fraud protection or brand safety options, leave pre-added options as it is.

ReklamStore DSP is one of the leading demand side platform in the industry. We are constantly improving our media quality, disclosing our sources all the time and integrating third-party solutions to fight against fraudsters for our partners. Our policy against fraudilent sources is really strict and the moment we find out there is a suspicious activity, we are removing the source from our platform.

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