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If you’re trying to talk to everybody, you’re going to have a difficult time reaching anybody. This is why showing your ads to your target customers is extremely important for generating more conversions.

Below are the targeting options on ReklamStore DSP: 

  1. SSP - You can make your selection among the available SSPs.
  2. Domain / Placement / Site / Publisher - Please read this article to see how to create a whitelist/blacklist.
  3. Retargeting (Segment Pixel) - To target segments, you need to select it from the list. If you have not created a segment pixel yet, simply click to the Segment pixels from the menu to create one.
  4. IP Address - Click this link to create a new IP list and read this article to learn more about IP targeting.
  5. Device Type - Computer, Mobile, Tablet
  6. Browser - Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari
  7. Operating System - Android, Chrome OS, Linux, OS X, Windows, iOS
  8. Connection Type - 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi etc.
  9. Carrier (ISP) - You can select mobile operators from the list.
  10. GEO - You can include or exclude GEOs on country and state level.  Please read this article to learn more about GEO targeting.
  11. Daypart - If you would like to run your campaigns on specific parts of specific days, you can restrict it with this option by selecting the Days, Start Time and End Time.
  12. Datacenter Location - According to your targeted region, choosing the proximate data center location will have a vital effect and skyrocket your campaign results by increasing your impressions & clicks.
  13. Audience Targeting - Soon

How to target your audience:

Log in to your ReklamStore DSP account and create a new campaign. Scroll down to reach the targeting section on campaign creation page and select the options to decide who will see your ads.

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