Creative Specs

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Advertisers must deliver their offer creatives to their account managers prior to campaign launch. In this document, you can see all related banner specifications.

Delivery Type:

You can either deliver the files to your account manager by directly sending them or you can send your XMLs.

For XML, the format of the Google Merchant Center is accepted.

File Type:

We support GIF, JPG/JPEG, PNG, HTML5, MP4 files.

Creative Sizes:

We accept IAB standard banner sizes. You can see the most common banner sizes below.

Standard Formats:

Banner (468x60)

Leaderboard (728x90)

Medium Rectangle (300x250)

Wide Skyscraper (160x600)

Skyscraper (120x600)

Small Square (200x200)

Square (250x250)

Half Page (300x600)

Mobile Formats:

Smartphone Wide Banner (320x50)

Smartphone Static Banner (300x50)

Mobile Interstitial (320x480)

Medium Rectangle (300x250)

Smartphone Large Banner (320x100)

Feature Phone Small Banner (120x20)

Feature Phone Medium Banner (168x28)

Feature Phone Large Banner (216x36)

We strongly recommend you send at least one of each of the most common dimensions.

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