Binom Integration

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Binom Integration

ReklamStore DSP integration in Binom

Binom is a fastest self-hosted tracker for professional affiliate marketers which offers direct integration with ReklamStore DSP. The main idea of Binom is to reduce the user's work time with the tracker, optimize all operations to work with advertising campaigns and save the user's time due to quick work of our thoughtful interface.

Exclusive Discount: Binom provides an exclusive discount for ReklamStore partners. Just signup by clicking here and get Binom free for the first month and 40% discount on second month.

Step 1 - Creating New Traffic Source

Simply click Traffic Sources from the top menu and click Add Traffic Source to add a new traffic source. Select ReklamStore DSP from Load from template menu while creating a new traffic source. The following postback will appear in the Postback URL field.{externalid}&price={payout}

If you would like to update the tokens, simply click Use Tokens under Advanced Settings. Click here to reach ReklamStore DSP macro list.

Step 2 - Creating a Campaign

You need to select Reklamstore DSP from the Traffic Sources field. Fill the necessary fields and click Save.

It is not possible to pass cost automatically to 3rd party tracking software. You need to enter here average CPC number manually. Binom will allow you to edit average CPC price for past data.

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