Binom Integration

Updated 5 months ago by Kemal Onur Döven

You can track your campaigns on Binom with this easy setup.

Step 1 - Creating New Traffic Source

When creating a new traffic source for ReklamStore DSP, you need to use the following postback URL:{externalid}&price={payout}

You should use Binom's tokens "External ID" for "key" and "Payout" for "price" in the postback URL.

Click here to reach ReklamStore DSP macro list.

Step 2 - Creating a Campaign

You need to select the new traffic source you created for ReklamStore DSP.

It is not possible to pass cost automatically to 3rd party tracking software. You need to enter here average CPC number manually. Binom will allow you to edit average CPC price for past data.

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