Data Center Location Selection

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Data Center Location Selection

ReklamStore DSP allows advertisers to gather global traffic and run any type of campaign. Thanks to our supply sources, you can get traffic from anywhere in the World. From United States to Japan, Finland or South Africa, you can run & convert your campaigns.

To increase campaign efficiency, it’s critical to boost your programmatic real-time bidding speed. Cutting down milliseconds off the bidding process can increase the chance of winning the bids since there’s more time to analyze, bid, and win. Data center location has a crucial impact to save time by reducing the latency. With the extra time you shaved off from the bidding process, you have the more chance to reach additional advertising inventory. Therefore, if the connected SSPs have enough inventory and the data center location is close to your targeted GEO, you can expect better campaign results.

ReklamStore DSP's proprietary technology is built for our partners to customize supply by data center location. We offer two different options, United States and Europe, to maintain seamless service. While creating your campaigns, we ask you to choose your data center location. According to your targeted region, choosing the proximate data center location will have a vital effect and skyrocket your campaign results by increasing your impressions & clicks.

How to Choose Data Center Location?

While creating your campaign, under targeting options, you'll find out Data Center Location option. You can select a data center most relevant to your geo targeting. Please note that SSP list may change according to your choice.

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