How to Track Conversions?

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How to Track Conversions?

You know how important it is to count conversions of your campaigns. The goal of most advertising and marketing campaigns is to get visitors to a webpage and then convert them efficiently. By the help of data, you can optimize your ads and earn more and more. From the moment you start measuring your campaign results, you can have a better understanding of your campaign's effectiveness. ReklamStore DSP offers you two different ways to track your conversions: Postback URL and  Conversion Pixels.

ReklamStore DSP offers seamless integrations with third party tracking tools. To get more information you can check this category: Tracking Tool Integrations

Tracking Conversions with Conversion Pixels

In order to track your conversions, first, you need to Create a Conversion Pixel and then select your pixel while creating your campaign.

Steps for tracking your conversions:

1) Create a conversion pixel

2) Start creating a campaign

3) Under Advanced Options tab, find Attribution Tracking and click Conversion Tracking

4) Select the conversion pixel you created before. You can also create your pixel at this step and then take up where you left off.

5) Select your options for Repeat Conversion Events, Post-Click Conversion Interval, and Post-View Conversion Interval fields.

6) Save the campaign.

Conversion Tracking with Global Postback URL

In order to use Global Postback URL to track the conversions, follow the same steps above but while creating your campaign, copy the Postback URL, implement the tokens/macros according to the tracking tool you use then save the campaign.

You need to use your tracking tool's payout or conversion value token/macro in the postback URL. Since conversion value might be different for different campaigns, you would need a dynamic parameter in postback URL. If you type the related token/macro after "price=",  you can view Conversion Amount (your earning from conversion) and Conversion ROI under Advanced Metrics in Reports

Here is an example Postback URL:[CLICK_ID]&price=XXX

These metrics will help you to understand from which traffic sources, domains, sites, or placements your investment convert well.

You can have a look at how to make Voluum and Binom tracking tool integrations by using ReklamStore DSP Postback URL.

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