Device Type Targeting

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Device Type Targeting

Nowadays, more targeting options make it possible to reach a carefully selected audience that is the most likely to engage with the ads. This is why, ReklamStore DSP offers advertisers many targeting options. The one we'll mention in this article is, device type targeting.

On ReklamStore DSP, you can target specific device types including Computer, Mobile, Tablet, and Other. When you create your campaigns, you can select which devices you’d like your ads to show on. If you don’t select a device type, your targeting will default to all devices.

You can include or exclude device types while creating a campaign or update your targeting options by editing your campaign.

Computer: Desktop or laptop devices.

Mobile: Hand-held devices including mobile phones.

Tablet: Mobile devices that don't necessarily include mobile phones.

Other: Devices that did not “introduce” itself to the server. Combination of the computer, tablet, and mobile devices.

Setting Up Device Type Targeting

1) Start creating your campaign

Complete the general section as described in this article.

2) Include and exclude device types

On campaign creation page, scroll down to see Device types, under targeting options.  Click Include or Exclude to include or exclude a device type. Then click " + " button to add a device type to your include or exclude list or click " x " button to remove selected device types.

3) Activate the campaign

Click Save and by default, users will be targeted until you deactivate your campaign.

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