Google Analytics Integration

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Google Analytics Integration

You can track some of the campaign data via Google Analytics, too. The only thing you need to do is, adding UTM parameters to your creative destination URL.

Here are the steps:

1) Visit Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder tool

2) Fill the fields

It's mandatory to fill Website URL and Campaign Source fields. You can use Campaign Medium,  Campaign Name, and Campaign Content to differentiate your campaign and track the data easily.

3) Copy URL

Once you create your URL, copy it simply by clicking Copy URL button.

4) Use this URL as your landing page / destination URL

While adding your creatives, paste this URL on landing page / destination URL field.

5) Create your campaign

Complete the general section as described in this article and add your creative to the campaign.

After these steps, you'll be able to see your campaign's data in Google Analytics. Yet, Analytics is not able to show you some of the data we provide in our reports.

There might be some discrepancies in your data between our reports and Google Analytics. GA is not counting ad clicks but sessions. Visitors must have images, cookies, and JavaScript enabled in their browsers in order for GA to track their visit. Also, some firewalls and adblockers can prevent GA to track users.

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