Geo Targeting

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Geo Targeting

Geo targeting (location targeting) involves a variety of technologies used in online marketing to target your audience. The goal is to create perfectly tailored advertising for users, based on their location. 

Geo targeting gives you the ability to show specific offers based on user location or to tailor your messaging to increase conversions. In this way, you can deliver different and more relevant content to each one of your audience based on their location. It’s a form of personalization and when done right, you can deliver much more relevant or local ads to your audience.

On ReklamStore DSP, while creating your campaign, you can target your audience based on their location. You can include or exclude GEOs on country and state level. City option is available for the countries without states.

You can include or exclude locations while creating a campaign or update your targeting options by editing your campaign.

Setting Up Geo Targeting

1) Start creating your campaign

Complete the general section as described in this article.

2) Include and exclude locations

On campaign creation page, scroll down to see Geo targeting, under targeting options. Click Specific to include and exclude locations. Start typing a country or a state (city option is available for the countries without states) and click " " (plus) button to include, " - " (minus) button to exclude that location from your campaign.

3) Activate the campaign

Click Save and by default, users will be targeted until you deactivate your campaign.

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