How can you Optimize my Offer?

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How can you Optimize my Offer?

We're always here to help you reach your marketing goals. Think of ReklamStore Affiliate team as an extension of your in-house marketing team. Our service includes optimizing your offers as well.

Offer optimization consists of two different steps.

  1. The quality of the traffic affiliates are sending you.
  2. Conversion optimization of your landing page and banners.

If you are not happy about the conversions you receive for your offers. The problem might be happening because of one of these reasons.

Below are some of the methods we can help you to optimize your campaigns.

There’s a chance that you’ve got a low performing offer or your lander just doesn’t work. Our team might suggest some changes on your landing pages so you can increase your conversion rates or tell you what kinds of tweaks you should do to increase your banner's click thru rate performance. But our optimization process mostly consists of optimizing the targeted traffic you are receiving from the affiliates.

Communication with your dedicated account manager is essential for your offer performance.

When you contact your account manager, s/he will begin investigating the affiliate performances. At this step, you may be asked to provide data to your account manager. Once you send data to your account manager, s/he will analyze the results of affiliate performances and help you to optimize the campaign. Pausing the low performancers and rewarding the ones who convert your offer better than others helo a lot while optimizing your offers. An increase in payout might return with an increase in traffic & more conversions.

Another performance enhancer is, providing a special offer. Let's say you have an e-commerce business and willing to increase your sales. If you provide an exclusive coupon code, this will attract users more and turn into $$$ for you.

Offer restrictions are also a game changer. If you prevent the affiliates to use certain traffic channels, their traffic volume will decrease and it will affect your campaign performance.

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