Connection Type Targeting

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Connection Type Targeting

Internet connection speeds are always increasing. But still, there is part of the population who has slow connection speed. For users with slow connections, rich media ads can be a frustrating experience.

Connection type targeting enables you to direct your impressions towards WiFi, 4G, cable connection. ReklamStore DSP provides an option to optimise your campaigns by specifying how your audience connects to the internet. 

If you are going to create your campaigns by targeting users with WiFi connection, it’s more likely that the webpage will load faster. By doing this you can improve the user experience, which means better results. If your target audience is in high-growing countries, it is more likely that your prospects are using a mobile device to connect internet. Therefore, an advertising creative that will run smoothly on any given connection speed will increase your chance to get more impressions.

You can include or exclude connection types while creating a campaign or update your targeting options by editing your campaign.

On ReklamStore DSP you can target or exclude specific connection types, such as:

  • Ethernet
  • WiFi
  • Cellular Network

Setting Up Connection Type Targeting

1) Start creating your campaign

Complete the general section as described in this article.

2) Include and exclude connection types

On campaign creation page, scroll down to see Connection Type, under targeting options. Click Include or Exclude to include or exclude an operating system. Then click " + " button to add a connection type to your include or exclude list or click " x " button to remove selected ones.

3) Activate the campaign

Click Save and by default, users will be targeted until you deactivate your campaign.

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