Can I Sign Up Without an Active Website?

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Can I Sign Up Without an Active Website?

Yes, ReklamStore Affiliate applications without an active website can be approved under such circumstances.

If you have an established social media profile with qualifying standards, your application can be approved. Profiles with a good number of followers and highly engaged audience have an advantage. Also having a high number of email marketing lists with a high engagement rate can be enough to get approval to join ReklamStore Affiliate.

Other than that, if you can prove that you can convert performance marketing campaigns, your application without a website can be approved.

In case you apply with a website, you must be aware that we do not accept applications for websites which are brand new, have only recently been registered, websites down for maintenance, have fields that are not working or do not have value-add content. We require affiliates to make us believe that they can convert performance marketing campaigns. Therefore, your website must be in a position to refer to sales, signups, downloads.

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